We are Climberlist

About Us

We are Manuel and Philipp. In the summer of 2017, we discovered the beautiful sport of climbing. Since then, we meet regularly in one of our favorite gyms around Cologne.

The problem

However, we quickly realized that even for beginners, gyms tend to be very different; for example, some gyms have a different route style, some places have a more of a community-feel while others are more family-oriented, some gyms are smaller, and others are quite large with many routes and difficulties. So we came up with the idea for Climberlist to help people discover each gym’s unique qualities.

The solution

Climberlist should become a directory of all the climbing sites around the world. The trick here is that we rely on the help of our community, which can always evaluate all places according to more than 20 criteria. We’ve gathered these criteria based on our own experience and with the help of professional athletes. That allows you to find locations that fit precisely to your personal preferences and abilities.

Our community

Climberlist is not only a directory but also a community. The community is the most critical factor for us. Especially for newcomers in climbing sports, it is incredibly helpful to get support from skilled climbers. We experienced how much climbers like to support each other. And we want to take up to this thought and continue it on our platform.

The vision

In the future, we would like to be the first point of contact on which you can not only find all climbing locations but on which we as climbers also get together, arrange an uncomplicated climb, exchange experiences and collect successes.

Help us with our vision for Climberlist, become a part of our community and rate climbing places you've been to before.